Session 1 Introductory Session

This is the first session of the Learning Days. It usually occurs on the first morning of the workshop.

1.1 Core content

The first session of the workshop includes introductions of the instructors and the participants.

  • Introductions of the participants in less than 5 minutes, including a brief description of the project for which they hope to produce a research design this week.
  • Introductions of the instructors.
  • Overview of ground rules and expectations for the course.
  • Stages of research design

1.2 Slides

To introduce EGAP as an orgnisation see the slides here: Introduction to EGAP

Example R Markdown Source for an Introductory Presentation

PDF Example

HTML Example

1.3 A Typical Agenda/Syllabus

The typical layout of a Learning Days workshop is five full days.

Agenda’s of recent Learning Days are included here:

Agenda Ghana (2015)

Agenda Malawi (2017)

Agenda Uruguay (2018)

1.4 Resources

In the Learning Days we use a set of exercises that require R and RStudio. To install see R and RStudio

The following is a short introduction: Introduction to R and RStudio

1.5 Preparation before the Workshop

To get to know the participants (a little) and encourage prior installation ofR and Rstudio, we typically ask participants to complete a simple survey such as the one included here

There are also several free introduction courses to R from the Code School, and the first lecture from the online R Programming course organized by Johns Hopkins University, accessible via Coursera.